Friday, June 14, 2013

"Man of Steel" is Beyond Super

           It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the next big summer blockbuster! “Man of Steel” came out this June and is absolutely amazing.  Directed by Zach Snyder, the man who brought us “300” and “Dawn of the Dead” this sci-fi superhero film is perfect for the film-craving movie-goer.  Any superhero geeks such as myself should definitely check out "Man of Steel."

            The film opens with Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) home planet, Krypton dying-which is shown through a massive display of special effects.  Transported to Earth and adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark struggles with fitting in.  The superpowers he has (the ability to fly, super strength, heat vision, and X-ray vision) are beyond ordinary and he keeps them hidden.  After he saves the ambitious reported Lois Lane (Amy Adams), she becomes intrigued with who he is.  Once an exposé she writes becomes leaked, she puts his life (along with her own at risk). 

            However, when Earth becomes threatened be General Zod (Michael Shannon) when he finds out Superman’s whereabouts, Superman must team up with our armies.  He battles against the evil General Zod in order to protect his new home, and these battle sequences are absolutely amazing.  Complete with a cast including Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Laurence Fishburne, “Man of Steel” will not disappoint. 

            From what I’ve seen, this movie is very reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy.  It was no surprise to me learning that Nolan was a producer for this film.  Similar to the first film of the Batman saga, “Man of Steel” was darker than past films depicting the hero.    In what could be the first film of a few in this super saga, we bounce back to defining moments in Clark Kent’s life.    Like many superheroes, Clark Kent is a troubled soul, just looking to blend in.  Although none of us can truly relate to Superman, Clark’s back-story makes everything about his life more tangible to audiences. 

It was beyond a modest effort to bring back Superman.  Although the past Superman movies with Christopher Reeves are classic, Zach Snyder ushers in a new era of a modern-day interpretation in his resurrecting the franchise.  This film also didn’t include the iconic “Superman March” written by John Williams.  In an attempt for “Man of Steel” to distinguish itself, it was cut out and Hans Zimmer was selected to compose the music for the film. 

            In fact, if it wasn’t for the immense success of the modern Batman films, “Man of Steel” would have never been a thought.  Development for the film began in 2008, when screenwriters, directors and comic book authors came together planning a potential super revival.  Christopher Nolan suggested and pitched the idea for the modern revival.  He was immediately hired to produce the film, which was a wise decision. 

            The film was slightly fast paced, and before I knew it the two and a half hour picture was over, when anyone could easily claim it was less than two hours.  The use of flashbacks kept it moving along, and you get a genuine comic-book feel from it-as everything is fleeting but just the right amount to keep one from being distracted by the constant transitioning. 

The ending to “Man of Steel” indicates some closure as to the events throughout the film. However, there is a sequel is in the works, due to how amazing this film was, along with the fact that Snyder signed a three movie deal, which includes a Justice League film (which I am beyond pumped for).  Hopefully they include Jimmy Olsen, the love-struck photographer who works with Lois Lane, as he wasn’t a part of “Man of Steel.” 

The final scenes left me wanting more, especially the last five minutes.  This definitely means something, considering Superman was never my favourite caped crusader. 

            Anyone looking to see this film should not bother wasting the extra few dollars per ticket to see it in 3-D.  The cinematography and clarity of the motion picture is so impressive that it would make no difference.  The special effects used throughout the film, from the opening scenes on Krypton to the final explosions are beyond awesome. 

            One of the negative things about this film is all the doors left open at the end.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing the next “Superman” movie to come out, provided Snyder directs it.  Two thumbs up to this film, as it will satisfy audiences all over craving something “super.” 

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