Friday, July 26, 2013

"I Had A Heart Once" (2013) Review

Directed by Josh Lewis, Metal Owl Films’ latest short film “I Had A Heart Once” is an artistic piece sure to make an impression on film festivals all over. 

The seven minutes are impressionable, as John (Rohan Mead) reminisces over his alcoholic past.  It begins in a dark apartment, as John lights up a cigarette.  The scene shifts from John’s apartment and him walking around New York as he speaks.  John becomes more and more emotional as he realizes what his life has become. 

The cinematography can be a bit distracting from his story.  However, his retellings are poetic and hold your attention effectively, regardless of how ADD the camera switches can be.  The erratic of an alcoholic’s experiences is what makes the scene changes relevant to what is being said.  The fourth wall is broken as John shares his thoughts with others.  This will draw audiences in, making his past more tangible to us, even though we only get to know him in such a short amount of time. 

Overall, “I Had A Heart Once” is a passionate and bold piece.  Though existential in nature, the emotion builds at the perfect incline to the end of the short film. 

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