Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let "Frozen" Warm Your Heart

This Thanksgiving, Walt Disney Animated Studios has done it again.  In the past, they have pulled your heartstrings to follow along the paths of lovers.  They have made you laugh so hard you’re choking for breath.  They manage to break your heart and slip in tear jerking moments.  In the end, they (usually) satisfy with a feel-good ending that can make anyone forget their woes and become a kid at heart again.  Usually, a few of the above aspects are achieved in a film, but it is hard to achieve all. 

“Frozen” is able to do everything, and beyond that.  It leaves all audiences smiling and begging for more, even though the film is practically perfect as is.  Its ticket was the best  $12 I spent in too long. 

“Frozen” is a must-see this holiday season.  It may not be a film revolving around a holiday, as we would look for in seasonal animated features, but its winter wonderland to a fault is the perfect pull-in.  It is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale, “The Snow Queen.”  Ambitious princess Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell---who sings too!) embarks on a journey to rescue her estranged sister, Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) from herself.  Wow, Disney has hit everything on a deeper level.  Not only is this film wonderful in all its typical fashion for an animated feature, but now it has become more personal and psychological. 

Other voice talents in this film include Josh Gad as the dopey snowman Olaf, Jonathan Groff as the ice salesman Kristoff, who accompanies Anna on her journey, and Santino Fontana as the seemingly enchanting Prince Hans.  The film follows their journey trying to restore order in the kingdom, and it is as fun as it is intense.  It’s also filled with more music than your average Disney film.  Or any film for that matter. 

The score?  Fantastic.  The soundtrack? Even better.  It may be a drive-by musical, with characters bursting into song to express themselves every five minutes.  However, you cannot help but wish you knew the words going into the theatre to sing along with them.  Its upbeat and catchy music is wonderfully composed by Christophe Beck.  In fact, I made a Spotify playlist of the soundtrack as soon as I got home. 

Don’t bother with seeing it in 3D.  Save yourself the few dollars for a cup of Starbucks, along with the headache from the overwhelming and excessive effects coming at your face.  This film was so crisp in its normal definition that you don’t need anything else decorating the screen to enchant.  The special effects were impressive.  The snow onscreen looked so real you could almost feel the powdery whiteness sprinkling over you. 

Many critiques consider it the best movie musical Disney has released since their renaissance era, and it already has a rating of 8.1 stars on IMDb.  If you had liked “Tangled” (2011) and are looking for something to completely lose yourself in the semi-comfort of a movie theatre, then “Frozen” is the film to see.  Despite its icy cold title, its warm nature can and will melt anyone’s heart this winter.  It could potentially get the Oscar for animated picture of the year too, God willing.  Either way, go see “Frozen.”  Now. 

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