Thursday, June 23, 2011

Savor Pure Victory with Win Win

Thomas McCarthy’s latest film is “Win Win,” and it is indeed a win in many aspects.  With an amazing cast and fabulous plotline, this feel-good film will leave audiences satisfied from beginning to end.  It opened on March 18th, 2011, and since it has been making all viewers feel like winners for going out to see it.
Paul Giammati’s stars in this film as down-on-his-luck lawyer, Michael Flaherty.  Struggling to make ends meet by being a lawyer by day and wrestling coach by night, he becomes a “guardian” of one of his clients, Leo Poplar (Burt Young) to make an extra $1500 every month.  Little does he know that Poplar’s grandson, Kyle Timmons (Alex Shaffer), decides to show up to see his grandfather.  Without any other alternatives and to his wife’s dismay (Amy Ryan), Michael lets Kyle stay with him and his family.
Even more surprisingly, Kyle is an amazing wrestler, which just might save Michael’s team from yet another disappointing season.  Things take a turn for the worst, however, once Kyle’s estranged mother shows up and threatens to ruin everything for Michael and Kyle.
Overall, this film is truly amazing.  The entire cast is phenomenal, with leads of Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and Alex Shaffer, who makes his big-screen debut with this smash hit. Giamatti and Ryan’s portrayals of the Flahertys make it easy to sympathize with them, especially in their decisions over the whole Kyle situation.  Shaffer was excellent through the film, and has a bright future ahead of him; I hope to review more films he’s been a part of in the future.
Supporting roles featuring Jeffrey Tambor, Bobby Cannavele, and Melanie Lynskey also contribute to make this film as good as it is.  Cannavele especially adds comic relief to all the tenser aspects of the film; I’m still laughing at his vacuous comments.
            “Win Win’s” title truly speaks for the movie itself, and the storyline makes it very tangible for audiences.  It becomes so simple to sympathize with each and every character.  If you desire to feel utterly victorious, “Win Win” is the film to see.

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