Thursday, June 23, 2011

Source Code Explodes with Suspense

“Source Code” is Duncan Ryan’s latest film, a sci-fi thriller that will bring you back in time over and over again, until things….well, blow out of proportion.  The film opened on April 1st 2011, and will keep you on the edge of your seat, begging for more from start to finish.
            The film opens up with Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), waking up on a train, unaware that he is part of a mission to save hundreds of people from a bomb on said train.  Sitting across from him, Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) is baffled by his strange behavior.  Then…..BOOM! The train, heading towards Chicago, explodes via bomb, and Stevens is then brought up to speed on his mission-find the bomb and find the bomber before they strike again.  Goodwin, the Force Officer (Vera Farmiga) explains that he is part of the new program, Source Code, which enables Stevens to take over someone’s body for the last eight minutes of their life for the greater good of society.
            This mission blows Stevens’ mind, but saving the lives of hundreds of innocent people gives him the stamina to push forward.
            Duncan Ryan definitely owes it to Quantum Leap, which enables you to take over someone’s body.  This concept was important in order for “Source Code” to be conceived in Ryan’s mind, along with important points in the plot.
            Gyllenhaal’s performance was excellent.  It was easy to feel all of his emotions with him throughout the film.  He was very heroic in his actions, and we can all admire him as the hero Captain Colter Stevens.  Great supporting actresses Monaghan and Farmiga helped make this film a smash hit.
            “Source Code’s” twists and turns are absolutely gripping; such aspects were crucial to make you think about the ending and interpret it.  When films are able to capture your attention and keep you preoccupied after you leave the theater and then some, then they have truly done their job.  If not, what was the point in even spending the eleven dollars on the ticket?  Duncan’s Source Code is a work of art, and I recommend it to anyone, even if sci-fi thrillers aren’t your thing.

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